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This is a story about memory and mayhem, and what happens when a love triangle goes wrong. It's a true story, but unfortunately the publisher made me change the names to protect the guilty.
    The story was originally published in 275 micro-chapters on Tumblr as a digital shuffle book. Now, it's available around the globe as a traditional paperback, and through the iTunes Bookstore in 32 countries.

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He worked when the spirit moved him (most often late at night), and the rest of the time he roamed free, prowling the streets of the city like some nineteenth-century flâneur, following his nose wherever it happened to take him. He walked, he went to museums and art galleries, he saw movies in the middle of the day, he read books on park benches. He wasn’t beholden to the clock in the way other people are, and as a consequence he never felt as if he were wasting his time. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t productive, but the wall between work and idleness had crumbled to such a degree for him that he scarcely noticed it was there. This helped him as a writer, I think, since his best ideas always seemed to come to him when he was away from his desk. In that sense, then, everything fell into the category of work for him. Eating was work, watching basketball games was work, sitting with a friend in a bar at midnight was work. In spite of appearances, there was hardly a moment when he wasn’t on the job.
Paul Auster — Leviathan

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